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Stellar Care Haven is a disability services provider, dedicated to offering services that promote independence and enhance quality of life to people living with disability.

Our Mission

Striving to fulfil the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of people with disabilities, with support from their families and carers, to help them develop their full human potential.

What we do

Stellar Care Haven offers quality personalised support, through a collaborative case management approach and participatory lifestyle planning

Our Location

We currently operate in the Canberra and sorrounding areas

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Stellar care haven supports...

Assisted Living

Domestic Assistance

Lifestyle Planning and Management

Resident Care


Social Support

Why Should You Trust Us

With years of experience under our belt, we believe we’re an excellent option to provide support and care. Here’s why we think so…


We believe you will not find a more dedicated or caring team to meet your needs.


Using years of experience to the table means Stellar Care Haven can be trusted to cater to your exact needs.


Stellar Care Haven is driven by the desire to ensure our service meets to your satisfaction.


Every individual on our team is highly trained and unquestionably qualified to discharge their responsibilities.

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